An interview Darnyill! (Daniel Rautenbach)


Hometown: Cape Town
Age: 19
Occupation: Intern at Flamboyant Paradise (
L.S.T: What are your plans for this Year?

D: I'm currently in Buenos Aires, Argentina on my gap year. So far it's been tough finding work with the Spanish-English barrier, but it's been cool and I've met some internationals like Mark Dean Veca and Frank Kozik. But I'm starting internship at Flamboyant Paradise next week and in a month or so doing some cool things with fashion designer Richard de Jager. Later if I'm lucky I might hit Berlin.

L.S.T: Who inspires you?

D: In terms of the work I do; Siggi Eggertsson, Jordan Metcalf, Daniel Ting Chong, Alex Trochut to name but a few.
In terms of life; angry youtube users, cats eating nebula pizzas and memes

L.S.T: Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

Behind a 30" hooked up dual-screen with my Mac doing type design for Nike ads thank you very much ^.^

L.S.T: What do you do when you're not designing?

D: Spend too much time drooling over blogs. Cook here and there. Caffeine & Music, always. Wander around. Look at clothes. Whistle. Beatbox. When I'm at home in South Africa I try to do some freeride mountain-biking.

L.S.T: Any Last words and thanks?

D: Hmm, nothing is all that bad. Ever. And thanks to people reblogging my posts on designersof.com and liking my page on FB. Please do so now:

Contact him at: darnyill@live.co.za or his Facebook page

L.S.T: Hey man so how many years have you been designing?

D: Well it's difficult to put a label on 'designing', since I've always had an obsession for general visuals and well-designed things, but 'officially' I started doing layout for my highschool magazine when I was 15.

L.S.T: What was the first thing you ever drew?

D: I wish I had the exact answer to that, but my oldest memory of a drawing was a scuba diver when I was 4. It looked good until I had to draw the water which meant scribbling all over it in blue.

L.S.T: How did you get into designing?

D: Well I've always loved drawing as a child. It was my thing. I was the 'best drawer' in my class when I was 6. I fucking owned that shit so heavy, I burnt anyone's ass in a draw off.
By the age of 6 I was bartering drawings for sweets and stationery. But like I said, for my school magazine. My first intent wasn't to do design, I just liked the committee and when I suggested I could help out with visuals I was given the full layout-artist title and thrown in the deep-end. Which was fun. As I learnt more I got more obsessed.